The daily care your skin needs in order to be healthy and look beautiful

In the morning
Even normal skin can become dry in the winter. If you notice redness or flakes on your face, or start feeling a pulling, tightening sensation, you must decrease the time you spend doing procedures that involve water. Do your morning face-wash at least an hour before you have to go out. If temperatures are low, do not wash your face. Just clean it with a cotton ball dipped in cleansing lotion. Afterwards apply nourishing lotion.
Before going out
Apply foundation. One more protective layer will do you no harm.
Powder the face. The layer of powder will also protect the skin from the cold and windy weather.
Put lipstick on your lips to keep them from cracking in the cold.
In the evening
Washing is a must-do, but every skin type needs a different approach to this important procedure.
Most appropriate for oily skin are the cleansing gels, which will remove the excess sebum, heal any inflammation and refresh the skin.
For normal and combined skin type you can use gels, as well as foam, but it is recommended that you avoid using matting products.
For dry and especially sensitive skin it is better to forgo water and stick to cleansing milk or lotion. If you insist on washing your face with water, then use soft purified water at room temperature.