Springtime care for your skin and cosmetics

Through the winter, the skin of the face dehydrates and come spring, special care needs to be taken for its restoration. It is possible that the first warmer days will make your skin feel greasier. This is a sign that the heavy winter moisturizer is now too heavy for it. Warmer weather suggests the use of products with a lighter formula which can be absorbed faster and easier by the skin.
The rise in temperatures urges the skin to produce more sebum which can clog the pores. This is why it is important to clean your face with appropriate cleansing products every morning and evening.
Nourishment is one of the chief requirements of the skin in any season. In the season of fresh vegetables, this need can be fulfilled very easily and cheaply. Winter exhausts the skin, depleting its supply of important vitamins and minerals. Try treating it with homemade masks containing spinach, carrots, citrus fruits or apples.
Do not underestimate the fact that spring is also the season for allergies. Consult a dermatologist if you are prone to allergic reactions. Besides medication, he can also recommend appropriate cosmetic products.
The spring sun can turn out to be too aggressive for your skin, especially if you are not a fan of winter sports. Do not neglect to use sunscreen, or products with an adequate SPF.
This is also the time for deep cleansing. You can use a mask suited to the purpose or you can get an appointment at a salon for a deep cleansing procedure, oxygen therapy or microdermabrasion. The first sunny days should find you with peeled, cleansed and nourished skin.
Spring is also the best time for spring cleaning. Look through the labels of all your cosmetics and throw away the ones past expiration. Keep in mind that the expiration date is valid only if the product is not open. If it is, it expires much quicker. Check everything, smell everything, notice any changes in texture and if anything seems off, throw it away.