Ideas on how to achieve a stunning look for all shapes and colors of eyes

There is a huge diversity of colors, tools and techniques, which can be used to give your eyes whatever emotion you desire.

Eyes are a part of every conversation you have and are responsible 60% of the whole communication. Following are some tips on how to make your eyes more expressive.

Select eye-shadows that go with your skin complexion. You will also need to select the texture of your eye-shadows – powder, cream or pencil. Choose texture according to your personal preferences.

You can use dry or liquid base for your eye makeup, just make sure that your choice is adequate.

Eye-liners are always easy to use. Avoid laying down a line which is too thick and will imprint on the eyelid when blinking.

Don’t neglect the importance of eye lotions. When it comes to eye-area cosmetics, use quality instead of quantity in order to avoid caking makeup in the folds and creases of your eyelids.

Eye makeup gives a certain beauty and expression to your eyes. The full long lashes achieved with mascara make your eyes look bigger and mysterious.

Below are four colors you can use for hypnotizing eyes:

Use a neutral tone for a base.
After that apply the dominant color.
Use a lighter nuance of the dominant color to spread around.
Underline the eye with a darker tone.
Blend the colors with a sponge, so that there is no distinctive line between them.