How to cover up a variety of skin imperfections using decorative cosmetics

Facial skin is very delicate. This is why the appearance of even a slight blemish is stressful to every woman. The solution lies in the proper selection of decorative cosmetics.
Decorative cosmetics have many colors and hues with which you can create many optical illusions. The white color gives brilliance to the skin and makes wrinkles less noticeable. Pink brightens the complexion, green neutralizes redness, purple balances out yellowish skin and brown, if it doesn’t create too much contrast with your natural complexion, gives you a warmer look.
How to cover up acne scars
Sometimes it is difficult to hide dents left over after acne or small pox. In order to succeed in this task you must use a special corrective cosmetic product containing silicone. With its help the unpleasant holes in the skin surface are filled up, making it smooth and level. After that apply foundation with light reflecting particles and finish off with a mineral face powder – it will help your makeup endure the whole day without clogging your pores. Your face will look smooth and even without the “floured” effect of regular face powder. If your scars are also bluish, then you must call to the rescue special foundations and concealers designed to cover up just such cosmetic imperfections. Apply them only to the affected parts, not the whole face.
How to cover up capillary bursts and rosacea
Some women suffer from enlarged blood vessels and capillary bursts on the face. Of course, this problem calls for special treatment assigned by a cosmetician or dermatologist, but before that and during the treatment itself this defect can be covered up with corrective cosmetics. You will need a concealer with a greenish hue, which should be applied only to the areas where redness is at its brightest and most noticeable. After that, apply foundation in a tone harmonizing with your skin complexion.
Capillary bursts are less noticeable on dark skin and can easily be covered up with tanning lotion.
How to cover up freckles
Freckles are not a skin defect and can even look amazing on many women. Yet many ladies would dearly like to get rid of them. If this is your case, you should use products which prevent the formation of freckles and pigmentation spots. You should also take care to avoid direct exposure to sunlight throughout the whole year and make sure to use sunscreens with a high SPF when you must go out in the sun. You can also take advantage of the special skin-whitening therapies offered in beauty salons. If you cannot afford them, then use scrub products and lotions with a whitening effect. Unfortunately, in the case of freckles, makeup is not that much of a help. The only thing you can accomplish is to slightly cover them up with foundation which will even out the tone of your skin somewhat. First add foundation to the places you wish to conceal, wait 15 minutes and add another layer, this time to the whole face. Do not use pink blush, since it will only make the freckles more noticeable. Instead go for the golden-peach blush and brick-colored lipstick.
How to cover up wrinkles
Wrinkles in the area of the face can be concealed with pearly eye-shadows in light, natural tones. Apply them directly over the wrinkles and smudge them with the tips of your fingers. Add powder on top. White foundation can also smooth away fine lines and conceal wrinkles, but for this purpose it has to be applied under your usual foundation, mostly around the eyes, where it is most effective.
The rare condition of Vitiligo
Women suffering from this condition have white spots on the skin of the face and hands. These spots are very noticeable, but can be successfully concealed with tanning spray for dark skin applied directly to the spots. If this is not enough, add a layer of dark concealer to the problem areas before applying foundation and powder to the whole face.
Hiding unaesthetic hairs
Some women have unpleasant hair growth on the face. It is excellent if this can be removed, but that is not always possible for medical and other reasons. In such cases it is better to not use powder and powder-containing cosmetic products. Hairs are more visible on a powdered face, so use the liquid and cream varieties of foundations instead. Apply them to the skin carefully, without too much rubbing or smudging, taking the direction of hair growth into consideration.
How to cover up pimples
Pimples are another very common unpleasant problem. They usually appear in young girls, but older women are not ensured against them. Unfortunately, pimples cannot be covered up so as to attain an even surface of the skin. Before you proceed to decorative cosmetics, scrub the face with an appropriate antiseptic product and rub the pimples with salicylic alcohol. Apply a drop of protective micro-gel on each pimple and you are ready to begin with the makeup. Use cream concealers with a yellow hue to cover the pimples. Keep in mind that you need to apply carefully just a small amount directly on top of each pimple, because if you smudge or rub the micro-gel covering the pimple, it will create even more bumps on the surface of your skin. Use only quality cosmetics designed for problem skin to avoid further complications and inflammations. If the pimples are too many, do not use heavy makeup in bright colors. Heavy makeup looks good only on clear, smooth skin and can make imperfections such as pimples or acne even more noticeable. The best makeup in this case would be light colored pastel eye-shadows in neutral tones, thin eyeliner and a fine layer of mascara for the eyes, semi-transparent lipstick or gloss for the lips and golden-peach blush for the cheeks.
In conclusion we should add that the skin is a reflection of our overall health. Skin is nourished by the body, so a well balanced diet rich in nutrients is very important. Without a sufficient supply of vitamins, minerals micro- and macro-elements the skin will never be healthy and beautiful and will age much quicker. Don’t forget that any treatment for problematic skin begins with a healthy lifestyle.
Stress and the overall psychological condition are also important factors in how the skin looks. The skin of content, calm women always looks brighter and more radiant than the skin of women subjected to a lot of stress and unpleasant emotions. So eat prudently, limit unhealthy habits and enjoy life and your skin will reward you with a perfect look.