Coloring Your Hair: Tips For Gray Hair

Coloring Your Hair: Tips For Gray Hair

Gray hair can make anyone feel old and worn out. Luckily for most people it’s not as hard as just simply rubbing gray from a color tube onto a people’s head and pushing it on to their scalp. However, in order to attain a true grey/silver hair color you need to have the actual hair to be basically white, completely dry first. Either through bleaching or highlighting the hair, the actual hair must be lifted up as low as humanly possible.

The next step is to get your grey hair color tester. A lot of people swear by either a gray t-shirt or even grey hair makeup. A grey hair color tester is actually pretty easy to come by, just look for something with different shades of grey on it. Usually they’re fairly cheap and can easily be purchased at any drug store. Just don’t try to buy the cheapest one you can find – it will not do you any good!

After you’ve got your grey hair color tester, you need to figure out how you want your grey hair coverage to go. Usually this is done with a vol developer. A no developer will help the grey hair color last longer and stay on your scalp for a longer time, allowing you to skip the bleaches or highlights.

Once you’ve got your grey hair color tester, it’s time to search the internet for a grey hair color that’s right for you. Don’t worry; there are a lot of websites out there dedicated to giving you tips and tricks on getting the perfect color. Some might even promise instant results. You can check out these websites and see what you think, but always keep in mind that everyone’s skin and hair react differently. You might not like what you see!

If you’re not sure about the kind of hair color that would look best on you, then think about the kind of hair you have. Those with dark hair tend to look better in black or silver-gray hair colors. Those with light hair can wear pretty much any color.

If you are going to try on silver gray hair make sure to choose your shades or colors very carefully. The best thing to do is test out several shades on a section of your scalp and see which one looks best. Never mix two completely different silver shades because it can be disastrous!

If you’ve already decided that you want to go with a silver gray, then it’s time to learn about the most popular colors. For starters, silver goes well with just about anything. Darker shades of gray are better with light blue-grey; light blues are better with lighter shades of grey. The same can be said for red hair. However, if you choose a red color to go with your silver, then you must stay away from orange, violet or purple as they will clash.

To get a good idea of how the silver hair trend will work for you, test a few shades out on your head and then decide which one you like the best. Just remember that whatever you choose, you must be comfortable with it. Silver is a really good hair color for both men and women. It can easily be made to mimic the natural hair color.

Gray hair trend has become so popular because of celebrities with natural grey hair. Although grey hair can be very tricky to style, it can also be very easy to do so. You can either go for a very natural look with your silver grey hair, or you can go for an extreme blacked out appearance with your tresses. The latter is often the choice of women who want to draw attention to their hair.

There is a myth out there that girls with blue-grey hair are somehow less appealing than those with red heads. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just like red heads, blue-grey hair is sexy. However, the difference lies not on the color, but on the texture. Blue-grey hair tends to be greasy and clumpy whereas red hair tends to be silky smooth and textured.

When you decide to change the shade of your grey strands, do it gradually. Grey hair is much more difficult to adjust than red hair. You can start by applying a very light amount of blue-grey hair dye. Continue this application for two or three days before washing out the color completely with lukewarm water. Once you have grey hair color that is suitable for a job interview, you need to maintain it for at least six months.